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Minnesota is last in the nation in offering computer science classes in high school - source
What happens?
It's a day of building, but we also have talks with career & college advice from tech insiders. Get the calendar here to see our schedule.
Who is this for?
Northland Hackathon is for high school students in Minnesota who want to learn how to make their own apps, websites, or learn more about tech -- all welcome. You can be interested in how to code, wanting to design websites or apps, or just looking to learn more about what working at snap, meta, tiktok, microsoft looks like.
What are careers in tech like?
It's not uncommon for an entry level engineer to make  ~$150,000, with that number increasing. Here is a great website for pay ranges: https://levels.fyi
What is a hackathon?
A chance to learn more about building things on the internet, writing code, and exploring careers in tech. Northland Hackathon will take place throughout the day, bringing together mentors and students from around the state in a fully remote capacity.
What programming do you have leading up to the event?
We have programming with University of Minnesota Professors, Tech pros, and everything in between. Join our calendar for future live seminars.
I don't know how to code. Can I come?
For sure! We're going to be sending out material before the event so you can get up to speed and get your feet wet. These are some great resources.
- https://bento.io/
- https://www.codecademy.com/
- https://pll.harvard.edu/course/cs50-introduction-computer-science?delta=0
- https://projecteuler.net/
Is this remote or in person?
Northland Hackathon is remote-based event as Minnesota is a big state!
How much does it cost?
Through both Californian and Minnesotan sponsors, Northland Hackathon is free for participants. If you want to sponsor or donate to the hackathon, email us [team [@] northlandhackathon.com]. Or you can donate here.
Is there a prize for best project?
Yes, but we keep it a surprise. That said, every student who participates day of get an event shirt mailed to them.
What is the schedule?
We have programming each month leading up to the event with speakers and mentors hosting talks. The day of plan is:
10 am- 11 am Opening
11 am - 1 pm Team Time
1 pm – 1:20 pm Lunch
1:30 pm – 4 pm Team Time
4 pm – 5 pm Presentations
Is there limited capacity?
We're doing our best to accommodate all applications, but there will likely be a cap of how many students we can take. As a result, write a solid application and apply early.
What does it mean to 'hack?'
Basically to play around with ideas and make something new. Think legos or Kinex <3 We miss our Kinex ;(
Want to study engineering?
If you're from NE Minnesota, apply for the Alworth Scholarship - a proud partner of Northland Hackathon.
From Minnesota and Work in Tech?
Luke  Heine
Luke built the biggest social network for TikTok celebrities--Swipehouse--which he sold in 2021. Swipehouse had 1.5 billion followers on across creators, got 300+ companies on TikTok in under a year, and was one of the first 5 companies to receive the TikTok API in the US. He was YC W18, raised over 1m, and studied at Harvard. He is from Cloquet, MN, and learned to code in college.
Carter  Grupp
Carter works as a liaison between the public sector and private industry on physical broadband infrastructure planning, GIS app development, data analysis, project management, and development of social programming efforts for those most threatened by the digital divide in rural Otter Tail County. He studied at Gustavus and built his first website in 2017.
AgaLia  Ardyasa
Agalia works at Microsoft as an Account Manager. Originally from Jakarta, Indonesia, Agalia co-founded BecomeMore Indonesia: a youth empowerment organization that supports the self-development journey of over 3K+ students from over 1K schools between the age of 11-19 years old.  She studied Mathematics & Economics at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.
Cade  Zacharias
Cade works in tech consulting, building apps for startups in everything from blockchain metaverses and sports betting to zoning code visualization.   At Hypotenuse Labs, he’s enjoyed digital nomading through much of the world while working alongside top engineers. Originally from Duluth, MN, he studied at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities.
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